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Naturnes 4 fruits, in an individual 90g format, allows you to take your baby’s fruit everywhere. Innovative packaging has been specially designed to stimulate more grown babies to learn to eat fruit alone directly from the package, contributing to the development of the baby. It also allows to feed the smaller babies to the spoon.

100% fruit and without the addition of sugars, containing only sugars naturally present in fruit, Naturnes 4 fruits is a healthy, balanced form and practice of offering the benefits of fruit to your baby, anytime anywhere. In each package of Naturn is the equivalent of a fruit piece.

Especially designed and adapted for babies from 6 months of age, Naturnes 4 fruits is 100% natural, without dyes or preservatives*, and is elaborated with a selection of first quality fruits, especially cultivated and selected for baby feeding, that meet with strict quality controls. With the commitment to offer the best of nature to your baby, every package of Naturn 4 fruits, offers all the benefits of fruit to the demanding taste of babies and makes each portion of fruit a true delight.

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Weight 100 g
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Apple, Banana, Orange, Pear

Active ingredients

Vitamin C


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