Medela Solo Simple Electric Milk Extractor

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Intuitive and without complications.
Solo ™, the easy -to -effort pump. It has only a few pieces, making it easy to clean and assemble. With its intuitive 4-button and 9 pre-programmed interface, this simple electric milk pump is extremely easy to use.

Extract milk wherever you are, even where there are no sockets
With the innovative USB Type C connector available on the simple solo ™ electric milk pump, the incorporated rechargeable battery loads faster compared to the micro USB port, lasting up to six extraction sessions when fully charged.

2-Phase Technology Expression®
During a power session, babies start by using short and fast sucks to stimulate milk ejection reflection. When milk begins to flow, babies move to a slower pace. Medela’s Expression® 2-Phase technology mimics baby’s natural suction rhythms-faster to stimulate milk flow and then slower to give the ideal milk flow.

Personalfit Flex Funnel
With an opening angle of 105 degrees, smooth ribs and an oval shape for better adjustment, the Personalfit Flex ™ funnel exerts less pressure on its milk channels than traditional funnels, resulting in a more effective and comfortable extraction experience. More comfort for you, up to 11.8% of milk for your baby – clinically proven 3.

Closed system
The closed system prevents breast milk from entering the pipe, to stroke and infiltrates the pump mechanism. This helps ensure that your extracted milk is safe and clean, but also that your pump components are protected from potential damage

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