Apivita Nature’s Hair Miracle – Strengthening&energizing Hair Oil 50mL

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Exceptional regular hair oil, enriched with 5 selected essential oils.An essential first step in any hair care routine.

A ‘natural miracle’ that nourishes and fortifies hair, restores your health and vitality:

– Tones the scalp and stimulates microcirculation*to increase hair growth, with essential oils of lavender, lemon, cumin, rosemary and black pepper.
– Nourishes and strengthens the roots, with vitamin E and vegetable oils from Sceight, olive, black cumin and grape.
– Keeps the scalp flora balance, with special antimicrobial propolis extract.
– Stimulates the effectiveness of care applied after its use.
– leaves the hair soft and elasticly, while the essential oils improve the mood and revitalize the body.

Weight 130 g
Active ingredients

Grape seed oil polyphenols, Olive oil, Propolis Extract, Vitamin E

Age group




Hair type

All hair types

Product type

Dropper bottle


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